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  • 玩电脑游戏——摩尔庄园作文|玩电脑游戏——摩尔庄园 英语作文

    个星期六的晚上,我和薄梦宇玩摩尔庄园曹操作文,我可是第一次玩噢!One Saturday night, I played Moore Manor with Bo Mengyu. It was the first time I played!我有一个很大的秘密曹操作文,就是我编了一个密码987654,竟然登陆成功。薄梦宇告诉我最重要的是买拉姆和家具装饰屋子。先走滑雪道,我按动空格键加速,薄梦宇按动左右键躲开障碍。一会儿我们就得了九十颗摩尔豆,最后赢得了两千九百颗摩尔豆。我买了一只拉姆,拉姆真可爱,眨着亮晶晶的眼睛。I have a big secret, that is, I made up a code of 987654, and it succeeded in landing. Bo Mengyu told me that the most important thing is to buy ram and decorate the house with furniture. First take the ski path, I press the space bar to speed up, Bo Mengyu press the left and right keys to avoid obstacles. In a moment we got 90 moles, and in the end we won 2900 moles. I bought a ram. Ram is so cute and blinks.玩了半个小时曹操作文,正玩得起劲小学作文,薄梦宇要走了,我也依依不舍得离开了电脑。Play for half an hour, is playing hard, Bo Mengyu to go, I also reluctantly left the com
    放鞭炮作文 小学三年级作文 妈妈的手作文 曹操作文

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