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  • 春之美作文|春之美 英语作文

    春天来了,山绿了,地也绿了作文500字,五颜六色的鲜花竞相开放。我家的小院里,茶花树上结出花骨朵儿作文500字,含苞欲放,像是春姑娘在呼唤着它;桃花粉红粉红作文500字,像小姑娘红扑扑的脸蛋;玉兰花散发着香味,向大家预告着春的气息。Spring is coming, the mountain is green, the ground is green, colorful flowers are blooming. In my small courtyard, the camellia tree is full of flowers, which are like a spring girl calling for it; peach blossom is pink and pink, which is like a girl\s red face; Magnolia is sending out fragrance, which tells us the smell of spring.沙沙沙,沙沙沙”,怎么回事?原来是春雨公主落到了小草上,有的树上已经长出茂盛的叶子高中作文,而有的树上才发出浅绿色的嫩芽。大树上有一只小鸟在做巢,花丛中,蜜蜂正在欢快地采着花蜜。"Sand and sand, sand and sand", what\s the matter? It turned out that the spring rain princess fell on the grass, some trees have grown luxuriant leaves, and some trees just sent out light green shoots. There is a bird making a nest on the big tree. In the flowers, the bees are picking the nectar happily.春天来了,万物复苏,一切是多么的美好啊!Spring is coming, everything is reviving, how beautiful everything is!
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