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  • 看话剧作文|看话剧 英语作文

    五一节小学作文,我和大姑去看话剧假如我会变作文,讲的是安徒生艰难坎坷的一生。On May Day, my aunt and I went to see a play, which was about Andersen\s difficult life.安徒生出生在欧登塞的一个贫苦鞋匠的家庭假如我会变作文,他从小就喜欢文学。当安徒生11岁时,他的爸爸因为生病而去世。他14岁时自己来到哥本哈根。安徒生奋斗8年后假如我会变作文,终于在首都有了自己的一席之地。Andersen was born in a poor shoemaker\s family in Odense. He liked literature since he was young. When Andersen was 11, his father died of illness. He came to Copenhagen when he was 14. After eight years of struggle, Andersen finally had a place in the capital.通过看这个话剧我体会到了安徒生那种坚持的精神。Through watching this play, I realized Andersen\s persiste
    家风作文 六级作文 假如我会变作文

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