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  • 猴子过河作文|猴子过河 英语作文

    猴哥哥听奶奶说,河对岸的的桃子很好吃,就带猴妹妹划船去吃桃子了。Brother monkey heard from his grandmother that the peaches on the other side of the river were delicious, so he took sister monkey to go boating for peaches.他们划呀划,划呀划。刚划到河心,忽然,乌云密布,电闪雷鸣,狂风大作,过了一会儿,天下起了大雨。They row, row, row. Just rowed to the heart of the river, suddenly, dark clouds, lightning, strong wind, after a while, the world began to rain.猴妹妹说:船里的雨水太多了,这可怎么办呢?”Sister monkey said, "there is too much rain in the boat. What can I do?"猴哥哥想了想小学作文,一拍脑袋说:有办法了。我这儿有一个铁钉,我们可以在船底凿一个洞,水就可以流到河里去了。”Brother monkey thought about it, clapped his head and said, "there is a way. I have an iron nail here. We can make a hole in the bottom of the boat, and the water can flow into the river. "猴妹妹听了,高兴地说:真是一个好办法。”"Monkey sister heard, happily said:" it is a good way兄妹俩开始行动母亲作文,由猴哥哥按着铁钉母亲作文,猴妹妹砸。通通通……”很快,就砸出了一个大洞。突然,一股水柱从洞口喷了出来。不一会儿,船里就积满了水母亲作文,船就开始下沉了……Brother and sister began to move, by the monkey brother according to the nail, monkey sister hit. "All connections..." Soon, there was a big hole. Suddenly, a jet of water came out of the hole. In a short time, the ship was full of water and began to sink两只小猴吓坏了,大声喊救命,救命。”Frightened, the two little monkeys shouted "help, help."这时,一个声音传来了,不要怕,不要怕。”原来是猴爸爸拿着救生圈来了。At this time, a voice came, "don\t be afraid, don\t be afraid." It turned out that father monkey came with a life buoy
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